Thank you!

Organising such a large international conference requiers a lot of support. The conference committee would like to thank all those who are helping to make the IFOMPT 2024 possible.

Programme Committee
Anita Hartmeier
Guillaume Christ
Markus Ernst

Social Media / Communication
Rick Peters
Helen Schwerdt

Social Programme Committee
Heidi Stamer
Sylva Nähler
Jürg Hauswirth
Harry Herrewijn
Sebastian Richter

Party Committee
Simon Heinis
Heidi Stamer
Conny Neuhaus
Marion Schreiner

50th Year Celebration Committee
Paolo Sanzo
Gwendolyn Jull
Duncan Reid
Ingrid du Toit
Lenerdene Levesque
Ralf Schesser
Marion Schreiner
Sinia Brugger