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The swiss association for orthopaedic musculoskeletal physical therapy is the biggest association for manual therapists in Switzerland.

svomp Committee:

- Felicitas Frank
- Rick Peters
- Marion Schreiner
- Simone Elsig
- Markus Ernst
- Urs Baumann
- Paolo Alfieri

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The international federation of orthopaedic manipulative physical therapists incorporated (IFOMPT) represents groups of manipulative physical therapists around the world who have completed stringent post-registration/post-graduation specialisation programs in the field of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.

IFOMPT is a subgroup of world physiotherapy which is the sole international voice for physical therapy. IFOMPT represents over 23 000 physical therapists passionate about OMPT from 37 countries

IFOMPT Committee:

- Laura Finucane
- Paolo Sanzo
- Renée de Rujiter
- Pierre Röscher
- Richard Ellis
- Ingrid du Toit

Organizing committee

Marion Schreiner

Marion Schreiner Portrait

Chair IFOMPT 2024
svomp Executive Member - Physiotherapie Handwerk

" When I was reading the list where all the previous conferences have been - I thought I want to bring this great event to Switzerland.
And we are so lucky… we didn‘t just get the conference - we are also privileged to celebrate 50 years of IFOMPT.
When I was young I haven‘t been to a lot of conferences, since I have attended- my way of treatment is guided on recent clinical guidelines and evidenced medicine. The second reason: physiotherapists are such a great bunch of people - you will have a lot of fun - they are inspiring and great to spend time with."

Doris Hirth

Doris Hirth Portrait

Vice Chair IFOMPT 2024
Executive Director svomp

  • I am an independent entrepreneur with specialisation in association managment and managing director of svomp since 2017
  • I am working in association managment with enthusiasm and commitment
  • I am a service provider with passion
  • I love challenges

"The IFOMPT conference 2024 in Basel is the major musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy conference. I was so happy when I learned that it would be held in Switzerland, as I had such a great time in Glasgow in 2016. It is a great opportunity to participate to the development of the programme of the conference, with a wonderful team of people involved. I really love the main theme of the conference - "Crossing bridges". The conference will aim to cross bridges between research, clinical practice, education, patients’ perspectives and society needs. The 50th anniversary, which will be celebrated in Basel, is also a great opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future of musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy. We are working hard to make sure the conference in Basel will be a major event to learn and reflect on our roles as musculoskeletal and manual physiotherapists, with a diversity in topics, presenters, perspectives and sessions. It will be a key event that should not be missed!"

Statement by Guillaume Christ, member of the programme committee