Call for abstracts

Please start by reading the following information and guidelines before making your first submission of an abstract.

A maximum of 3 abstracts per author are permitted. An abstract fee of CHF 30.- per abstract is required and can be booked during conference registration.

For submissions from middle and low-income countries, the initial abstract submission is free of charge. Abstract fees of CHF 30.-- will only be invoiced starting from the second submission.

To find more information about the Swiss young talend award application, please click submit a contribution.


Information and guidelines


The main theme for the 50th anniversary conference of IFOMPT is "Crossing bridges" - Crossing bridges between research, clinical practice, education, patients’ perspectives and the needs of society. The many challenges and changes that musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy are facing, require critical reflection on the future from different perspectives. New practices and ways of thinking are emerging, and may provide reflection on our identity, new roles, refined ways to practice, and new models of care. The 2024 IFOMPT conference will be a key event to discuss, advocate and celebrate the diversity of muskuloskeletal and manual physical therapy.

  1. Innovative models of care in musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy
  2. Physical therapy futures - emerging areas
  3. Expertise in musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy

Types of presentation

Oral presentation

Oral presentations (scientific content) will be grouped together with other, related talks in parallel sessions. The slots are assigned by the programme committee.

Duration: 10 min. (8 min. plus 2 min. Q&A)
Form: The talk should reflect your work’s key findings and convey them to the audience in an engaging way. Please plan for Q&A time.



Posters are a compact way to display scientific results. The conference agenda includes time for participants to visit the poster exhibition. The presenting author is required to be present during the poster sessions (and thus also to register for the event).

Format: Printed World Format poster (128 cm high x 89.5 cm wide) Orientation: portrait
Structure: Information in brief written and graphic form, e.g. with photographs, drawings, graphics and diagrams.



15.10.2023 Submission deadline for abstracts (at midnight CET)
October to November 2023 Abstract review
End of November Confirmation of acceptance sent
05.12.2023 Publication of detailed programme on the event website


Guidelines for submission

General information

  • Contributions must be submitted online on the conferece website. Abstracts submitted by post, fax or email cannot be accepted.
  • All papers must be in English.
  • Each abstract is assigned an abstract number - please refer to this abstract number in any further correspondence regarding your abstract submission.
  • Once you have submitted your abstract, you will be able to log back into the system to make any amendments up to the deadline date.  
  • Once accepted, contributions must be presented in English.

Should you need any assistance with your abstract submission we can offer you the IFOMPT mentorship programme. 


Your abstract submission

1. Title of the abstract 

Clearly describes the abstract. A maximum of 20 words is permited. 

2. Author information

Please provide complete and accurate information on all contributing authors (presenter and co-authors). A maximum of 10 authors is allowed.
This includes:

  • full name
  • institution/organisation
  • City and Country
  • valid email address - all communication will be by email.
  • work telephone number 
    The person making the submission is wholly responsible for the accuracy of the information. The information will be printed as submitted.

Presenting author
Every submission must name one presenting author.

3. Your abstract

Completed abstracts require to be have a maximum of 500 words.

Abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings and should be structured using the following headings:

What was the context for the study?
Why was it important that this project was undertaken? 

What was the major reason for undertaking the project? (A project may be a research study, developing a new or adapted programme, method, theory or resource). Any secondary objectives?

What principles, methods/methodological approaches, materials did the project involve?

Summarise the main findings from the analysis.

What can be concluded from the study? What are the suggestions for future work?

What are the implications of the project and how will the results be translated into physical therapy practice /management / education / policy.

To ensure the best possible presentation of your abstract when it is published, please avoid any unnecessary formatting. Please check all information thoroughly before submitting, as all information pertaining to your contribution will be published as submitted.

4. Additional information to be provided:

Use up to three words to describe your work which are supplementary to the programme track and topic.

Funding acknowledgements: 
Please acknowledge all funding sources that supported your work. If the work was unfunded please state this. No images, tables or graphs are permitted.

Ethics approval:
Evidence that ethics approval was given is required. Please name the ethics
committee that approved your work, where appropriate. If ethics approval was not required, or if
you do not have an ethics system in your country, please state this. [20 words]

Information concerning any presentations or publications of the work made prior to congress [maximum 50 words]

Swiss young talent award application
Svomp awards a unique special prize at the congress. 
Criteria for application:

  • BSc, Master or PhD with a connection to Switzerland ( residence in Switzerland, working or studying in Switzerland)
  • Scientific work from the years 2022 and 2023
  • Submission in English via the conference website (Call for abstracts); in case of success an oral presentation at the conference is required
  • Only one abstract may be submitted for the swiss young talent award


  • Contributions will be anonymised.
  • All abstracts will be evaluated/scored by the experts identified by the International Scientific Committee and the Programme/Organising Committee.
  • Each abstract will be evaluated separately by 2-3 reviewers.
  • The International Scientific Committee and the Programme/Organising Committee will select contributions for acceptance based on the expert evaluations.
  • All decisions are final.


Submitted contributions will be used for scoring/evaluating.

Accepted contributions will be used for: 

  • publication of the abstract on the conference website
  • publication in the scientific journal "Musculoskeletal Science and Practice" by Elsevier is planned

Attending the conference

The presenting author must attend the conference at least on the day of his presentation. Presentation date and slot will be assigned by the programme committee and cannot be chosen. Please note that presenting authors need to register separately.