Online Registration

Before starting the registration process, please check in which category you should register and read the information below.
The online registration is open until the last day of the conference.


Terms and Conditions

Registration fees

The registration categories below are divided in groups according to the World Bank list of economies. Alle participants from countries which are not classified as "high income country" should register in the category "low income country"

For participants with limited funds there is a possiblity for grant applications. Further information may be found here.


  High Income Countries Low & Middle Income Countries
  Member excl. Dinner Member incl. Dinner Member excl. Dinner Member incl. Dinner
Early Bird 3-Day Pass (until 29.02.2024) CHF 695.00 CHF 735.00 CHF 350.00 CHF 390.00
Early Bird 2-Day Pass (until 29.02.2024) CHF 495.00 CHF 535.00 CHF 220.00 CHF 260.00
Early Bird 1-Day Pass (until 29.02.2024) CHF 260.00 CHF 300.00 CHF 110.00 CHF 150.00
Regular 3-Day Pass CHF 795.00 CHF 835.00 CHF 370.00 CHF 410.00
Regular 2-Day Pass CHF 595.00 CHF 635.00 CHF 260.00 CHF 300.00
Regular 1-Day Pass CHF 290.00 CHF 330.00 CHF 130.00 CHF 170.00
On Site 3-Day Pass (from 04.07.2024) CHF 875.00 CHF 915.00 CHF 390.00 CHF 430.00
On Site 2-Day Pass (from 04.07.2024) CHF 670.00 CHF 710.00 CHF 300.00 CHF 340.00
On Site 1-Day Pass (from 04.07.2024) CHF 320.00 CHF 360.00 CHF 150.00 CHF 190.00
Pre-Conference-Course/2 Days CHF 450.00   CHF 325.00  
Pre-/Post-Conference-Course/1 Day CHF 225.00   CHF 160.00