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Welcome to the website for the IFOMPT 2024 - the world conference of musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy.


Dear colleagues

The main theme for the IFOMPT 2024 conference is "crossing bridges" - Crossing bridges between research, clinical practice, education, patient's perspectives and the needs of society. The many challenges and changes that musculoskeletal and manual physical therapy are facing require critical reflection on the future from different perspecives. The conference will be a key event to discuss, advocate and share. But we will also dedicate ourselves to celebrating and making IFOMPT's 50th anniversary a very special one. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in the beautiful city of Basel!

Kind regards

Marion Schreiner
Chair IFOMPT conference 2024 
Board member svomp



Programme is online!

We are happy to announce the exciting programme of the IFOMPT 2024:



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Meet our new keynote speaker

Unfortunately, our first keynote presenter, Mary O'Keeffe, had to withdraw from the conference at short notice. We hope to have another opportunity to present Mary and her invaluable work for the physiotherapy and (MSK) patients on another occasion.

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